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The Cyber Bae Academy

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The Cyber Bae Initiative

Cyber Bae, is an initiative dedicated to revolutionizing opportunities for women in technology and cybersecurity. Recognizing the persisting gender gap, Cyber Bae aims to empower, educate, and inspire women, serving as a sisterhood to advance careers in the ever-evolving world of tech. Led by Adriana Long, Head of Business Development, the Cyber Bae collective is committed to effecting positive change in the technology landscape, striving to create a more diverse and inclusive space for women.


The heart of Cyber Bae beats with a commitment to foster a community of empowered and skilled women in tech. This innovative initiative provides not just training and mentorship but also real opportunities for women to engage with technology. Through strategic partnerships, Cyber Bae equips aspiring technologists with the necessary skills and resources to not just survive but thrive in the industry. Collaboration is key within Cyber Bae, offering women a platform to collaborate and compete, ensuring their significant participation in tech projects and career advancements. Alicia Brown's words encapsulate the spirit of the initiative: "We allow women to create their own fate and have more control over their careers by teaching them and positioning them for success." Cyber Bae represents a promising journey towards more inclusive, diverse, and empowering spaces within the IT ecosystem.

Core Components


We have teamed with Black in Technology so that our members would have the opportunity learn hands-on skills and experience employers look for hiring for positions in the IT field with computer build kits & virtual labs.

Certification Study Hall

Career Guidance

We have ISACA and CompTIA certification training that includes exam vouchers and study material. 

Cyber Bae extends its members a unique opportunity to actively participate in bidding on government proposals and, upon securing the contract, opens avenues for job placements. This initiative not only empowers individuals with the chance to engage in the competitive bidding process but also guarantees potential job roles in the event of a successful contract acquisition. Members gain a dual advantage—developing their skills through proposal involvement while also fostering potential career opportunities within the tech landscape.

Step - by - Step Workshops

Immerse yourself in a series of comprehensive IT seminars and hands-on workshops designed to guide you through each tool's intricate functionalities, crafting a clear pathway to your success. These immersive sessions offer a deep dive into practical, step-by-step instructions, allowing you to master these tools effectively. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, these seminars and workshops are tailored to provide a holistic understanding of the tools, empowering you to leverage them with confidence. This interactive learning experience is meticulously structured to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your IT endeavors, ensuring a solid foundation for your future achievements.

Online Course


Cyber Bae is dedicated to "Maximizing One's Potential". Our training modules are designed to ensure that every participant is challenged at their level. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced IT professional, our program adapts to your pace and learning style. With personalized mentoring sessions, group discussions, and hands-on projects, we ensure that you are always growing and pushing your boundaries.


Beyond the surface-level knowledge, we emphasize a deep understanding of IT concepts. Our trainers and mentors, who are industry experts, ensure that participants don't just learn 'how' but also 'why'. Through case studies, real-world scenarios, and problem-solving sessions, we ensure that our participants are well-equipped to handle complex IT challenges and assigned to mentors that align with their career goals.

Business Consultation
Young Programmer


An impressive network of more than 13 organizations has joined hands to provide exclusive internship opportunities to cohort members. This collaboration ensures that participants not only benefit from professional training but also secure 90-day internships offering hands-on experience in a spectrum of crucial areas such as Cybersecurity, Governance, networking, development, ethical hacking skills, and beyond. This initiative serves as a gateway for participants to delve deep into real-world scenarios, gaining practical insights and honing their expertise in various facets of the tech industry.


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    249 US dollars

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